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Whether you're in Dallas, San Antonio, Galveston, Fort Worth, Austin, Odessa, El Paso or anywhere in between, we are proud to be one of the most preferred Providers for TABC certification in Texas. While it’s not mandatory in Texas to receive your TABC certification, most employers require it before serving alcohol. Our easy course can be taken on your phone, tablet, laptop or PC for your convenience and you can be finished with our self-paced course in just two hours.

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We are a proud and approved course provider for the TABC and we meet or exceed all state requirements for your TABC certification. Your printable TABC certificate is available immediately after completing the course and passing the test and will be valid for two years. We have issued hundreds of thousands of certificates to students and have helped thousands of establishments since 1999.

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TABC123 was created to provide sellers and servers in Texas the best online course that is both affordable and easy to use. As one of the leaders of the industry, we offer value and expertise in the world of alcohol server education. Our course is fun to complete but we also take the subject very seriously and hope to help you save lives in our beloved state of Texas.

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At just ${[ config.courseprice ]}, we offer a very affordable and innovative way to get your TABC certification! No need to look up discount codes, this is a terrific value every day to learn important skills such as how to not serve intoxicated customers, how to check ID and how to identify minors.

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At The Academy of Training & Prevention

  • By taking our course, you will learn to work as a team with your other staff members such the hosts, door staff and bussers.
  • Real-life case studies are used so you will be trained to handle situations both professionally and legally before the incident happens.
  • Many suggested house policies are listed and explained to help protect your community, your establishment and assist your co-workers as well.
  • Checking ID, recognizing visible intoxication, removing drinks, and many other important subjects are explained in easy language.
  • You will have fun while we teach you how to protect yourself against lawsuits.

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